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A family member of the Private Business Organization (PBO), A Private Trust Organization, Alternate Perspectives Trust. Also known as a Not-For-Profit club, a group, private membership association, private ministerial association, or an association.

Mineral King and are owned and operated by/for Alternate Perspectives Trust.

Alternate Perspectives (hereafter referred to as “AP”) operates pursuant to and in the nature of private contractual international law.

AP operates pursuant to “free will” and therefore connotes the freedom to contract unrestricted and unhampered by governmental interference. AP and its patrons and/or its assigns both recognize that “consensus facit jus”, consent makes law, or in other words your assent gives force to the law form to which you assent.

It is the intent of this document to positively communicate to the intended patron, or client, or member that the subsequent contract agreement hereby provided is to be conducted outside, separate and apart from any State, or Federal, or International governmental structure, municipality, or subdivision therein, corporate or otherwise, commerce, and that AP is separate and apart from said structure which have virally infected most contract exchange activities. It is of most importance for the patron, or client, or member to understand that AP has no intention of contracting with those human beings who have, for whatever reasons, decided to contract, absent forethought, with those governmental/government franchised entities without knowing what they are involved with, or the differences therein.

Therefore, by signing and subscribing to this document where commercial benefits are accepted, being outside of the governmental structure whereby rights of human beings are unalienable, it is recognized that all men are created equal by their Creator. This affidavit/contract/membership agreement is drawn pursuant to the “Law of Nations”, which deal with the laws of obligations, and recognizes that no man, or entity, can place another into involuntary bondage/servitude. Patron, or Client, or member hereby covenants and contracts freely with AP.

AP will accept payment in substance accompanied with whatever other acceptable marketplace current legal tender is available, as the common law requires that we give you a relief mechanism in lieu thereof. Substance is hereby defined as United States minted coins minted prior to Anno Domini 1933 in gold or silver.

It is imperative that the patron/member understands that AP does not do business with the public. It is the intent of this affidavit/contract/membership to positively convey that information to the prospective patron and club member. AP does business privately and does not include the public in its contracts. AP, its overseers, its assigns, its Trustees and club members acknowledge that each state and the United States, each body politics with respective governments, are under no legal obligation to provide police power protection or commercial benefits, such as Social Security.

AP, its overseers, its assigns, its Trustees and club members repudiate any pledge of protection in return for personal allegiance namely, the citizenship contract that the US Supreme Court described I Luria v U.S., 231 US 9. This case along with 50 USC § 1520, wherein the Federal Government authorized chemical and biological experiments to be conducted on the populace, are evidence enough to demonstrate that there is no obligation to provide police power protection, and that the government has in fact become harmful to the public and its unalienable rights.

Any disputes between AP and its club members that cannot be resolved will be resolved by a binding arbitration by an independent arbitrator. The legal reasoning is simple: if the contract between AP and the club member/patron is enforced by the police power of the State, then the state becomes a silent third partner and may then regulate and tax that transaction. The penalty for invoking police power of the State with AP outside of binding arbitration is termination of club membership and all rights therein.

Membership benefits;

Guarantee that all information and personal information of/for the Member will remain within privacy of AP.

Right to detailed informed consent regarding the services rendered and products suggested, and what to expect.

Member will have full advantage of freely working directly with AP for consultations, product questions, personal concerns, product acquisition and any other questions or concerns that may arise regarding their membership with AP.

Membership with AP will remain intact until the member submits inwriting their desire to withdraw membership or membership is terminated via described above.

By Signing/Subscribing/Affirming below Patron agrees to become a member of Alternate Perspectives Private Business Organization

That I affirm under penalty of perjury that this Membership Agreement is true and correct and done so in good faith as to comply with the Law to the very best of my knowledge; and, FURTHER AFFIANT/Patron SAITH NOT.



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