100 + Probiotic Solution™

A revolutionary dietary supplement of over 120 strains naturally occurring soil borne organisms in a balanced and harmonious solution which may enhance digestion, increase nutrient absorption, aid in natural chelation, support genetic integrity and broaden the parameters of immunity by repopulation of the digestive tract and the entire body through a process of enzymatic reaction. The depleted soil of the present-day environment makes it impossible for us to have the supply of beneficial soil microorganisms in our systems needed to ensure the electrical availability of our food and to ensure genetic integrity.

Methlyn lue - 1 Bottle

Methylene blue has been linked to some pretty remarkable benefits which include: Enhanced cognitive function, improved memory, and sharper focus Mood improvement and increased emotional well-being Brain support and neuroprotection (shielding your brain cells from damage) Increased energy Enhanced physical performance Decreased inflammation Anti-aging properties Improved heart health Decreased risk of chronic disease development

Mineral King - 1 Bottle

The most nutrient rich, bio-active FHA on the market, containing 77+ colloidal nutrients essential for health and vitality. 100 capsules of Mineral King.  *One month supply plus 10 additional capsules.